Accelerating access to the Employee Retention Credit

If your organization is in need of immediate capital, you can finance your ERC for up to 85% of the total amount and receive your money in a matter of days. VerAleo successfully supported the Center for Nonprofit Advancement and stands ready to assist you too!

ERC Refund Expertise

The complexity of the ERC program often leads to missed opportunities. VerAleo assisted the Center ERC refund processing, simplifying and expediting access to the credit. Their contingency fee-based legal and CPA services cover the entire ERC process, from eligibility determination to IRS submission, with complete audit coverage.

Maximizing Your Returns

Our members deserve the maximum benefit from the ERC—up to $26,000 per employee. VerAleo’s team of expert tax attorneys ensures accurate qualification assessment, even through complex entity aggregation rules.

Exclusive Benefits for Members

Guided Expertise: Center members gain access to over 50 years of tailored consulting experience in ERC refund processing through VerAleo.

Risk-Free Filing: VerAleo ensures streamlined processing without hidden costs. Their strategies focus on maximizing returns, collecting fees only upon IRS return receipt. In cases requiring IRS repayment post-filing, VerAleo refunds their fees.

Transparent Expertise: VerAleo brings renowned tax experts with decades of federal tax code, accounting, and audit defense experience. Their team includes CPAs from Big 4 backgrounds and Tax Attorneys with extensive partnership history in boutique tax law firms.