Our Mission

To strengthen, promote and represent nonprofit organizations, empowering them to meet the diverse, changing needs of our communities.

Our Members

Our member organizations touch the lives of countless adults, children and families throughout our region, and in some cases, throughout the nation and the world.

Our members protect our environment, help the homeless, support the arts, feed the hungry, advance education, provide employment assistance, nurture the sick, champion the underserved, and so much more. Their dedication and hard work have a direct, life-changing impact on our communities.

Member Highlight: Beacon House

Recognized as “One of the Best” nonprofits in Washington, DC by the Catalogue for Philanthropy, Beacon House annually serves more than 150 children ages 5 to 18 by providing afterschool academic mentoring and enrichment programs in Northeast Washington, DC’s Edgewood neighborhood. Beacon House also engages over 300 boys and girls annually in an award-winning athletics program that reinforces the importance of school and the prioritization of education. As a place-based organization, Beacon House builds relationships with children and families over many years, and often sees students return later as volunteer academic tutors and athletic coaches.

Beacon House is an active member in the Center, utilizing benefits to build capacity. Their board members attend the Center's Board Basics A to Z. Staff participate in a variety of training opportunities. And their leadership team participates in the Center's Executive Leadership and Chief Operating Officer Peer Cohorts and the Excellence in Chief Executive Leadership (EXCEL) Award Selection Committee.

“Membership in the Center has allowed us to connect with and learn from peer organizations and nonprofit industry experts, increase the effectiveness of our board and staff, and build greater awareness of our work. We are deeply grateful to the Center for its strong support of greater Washington area nonprofit organizations.” —Kevin Hinton, CEO/Executive Director



Our Team 

Created in 1979, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement is the nation’s first state association for nonprofit organizations. For almost four decades, the Center has continued to grow and advance, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group:

Board of Directors



Our Impact

The Center’s primary service region includes Washington, DC, Prince George's and Montgomery Counties in Maryland and the state of Virginia. However, the Center welcomes any 501(c)(3) nonprofit that wishes to join.

Identifying, monitoring and sharing new and shifting trends within the nonprofit sector, the Center works collaboratively with local experts to develop custom programs and solutions. Through our training, resources and relationships with the corporate, philanthropic and government community, we help our member nonprofits save more … do more … and succeed more—ultimately achieving a more sustainable future.

The Center serves thousands of nonprofit staff, volunteers and board members, making it easier for nonprofits to fulfill their missions by helping them:

Strengthen capacity through training opportunities

1,500+ participants a year

Reallocate more funds to programs with operational savings

10%-50% discounts through group purchasing opportunities

Gain expert insights, market exposure and cash awards through competitions

$66,000 cash grants awarded each year

Network with nonprofit colleagues, industry experts and leaders in the foundation and government sectors

Countless invaluable connections


Our Values

We believe that...

Nonprofits are an essential ingredient in the health of our communities and our democracy. Strong nonprofits lead to better communities, better quality of life and a better democracy.

Nonprofits are stewards of public trust. Transparency and accountability are the foundation of that trust.

Diversity in all forms — organizations, people, religions, and culture — is part of our vitality. Promoting diversity and practicing inclusiveness makes us stronger.

The vibrancy and effectiveness of nonprofits hinge on information, education, celebration, collaboration, and representation. Nonprofits deserve a strong voice in the affairs that affect them. Together, we shape the future.

Intention, commitment, optimism, and a belief in a better tomorrow are vital ingredients in our growth and development and our service philosophy. Every day we strive to do better, be better, serve better.

Social Impact Vision

Effective nonprofits, thriving communities.