The Center for Nonprofit Advancement promotes professional development for all staff, board members and volunteers at nonprofit organizations. We offer a wide variety of training opportunities each year, including skill building classes, Board Basics A to Z and the Executive Preparation Institute (EPI). Training is offered at several locations throughout the region and we are always looking to expand accessibility.

All classes are led by professionals who are experts in their fields, are experienced in working with the nonprofit sector, and provide their expertise pro bono. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with hard working nonprofits, we encourage you to become a Center faculty member.

Experts in a wide range of professions are welcome, with priority given to those who:

  • Have already presented their proposed program in other educational settings, such as conferences or webinars
  • Offer skills in a high-demand topic
  • Currently support the Center financially as either an Industry Expert or nonprofit member
  • Are aligned with the Center’s mission, vision and values

Your proposal should Include:

  • Title
  • Brief description of the class
  • Class length
  • 3-4 learning objectives
  • Any planned interactive activities
  • Materials or resources provided
  • References
  • If and where you have taught this class before

The Center does not host courses with a primary purpose of marketing a product or service. The marketing component of courses must come secondary to the educational purpose and comprise no more than 2-3 minutes out of a standard 2-hour course.

Submit your proposal to Sean Sweeney, Director of Education and Programs. You will be notified within one month if your proposal is accepted. However, as the Center plans the course calendar in six month increments, the course itself will be scheduled to take place within one year of selection.

Faculty members are responsible for developing the curriculum and promotional language, which is subject to editing by Center staff. The Center is happy to co-brand the course marketing materials with your affiliated company.

Faculty members will be tagged in all social media posts promoting their classes. The Center asks that you also share posts with your networks.

Faculty members are notified on registration numbers one week before the scheduled date of their classes

Faculty members are not permitted to cancel a class that has a minimum of four registrants. In the event that this minimum is not obtained, the Center has a cancellation policy of 48 hours in advance to give both the faculty member and registrants due notice.

There is a fee for participants to attend each class at the Center with reduced rates for members. Discounts and scholarships are available. Faculty members are asked to provide educational events pro bono. They benefit by gaining access to the Center’s network of nonprofits across the DC Metro Area. If this is a significant barrier, please contact Sean Sweeney.

A survey is completed by participants at the end of each class. The results from these surveys are shared with the faculty member within one week of the class taking place. The surveys ask questions for general satisfaction in the course, as well as suggested changes for future offerings.

Faculty members will receive the list of participants prior to each course and may send one follow-up email to registrants. Further communications are allowed if the group opts-in to ongoing contact from the faculty member.


Please email Sean Sweeney, Director of Education and Programs with any questions or call him at 202-457-0547.

Sharing your expertise helps to strengthen our area’s nonprofits. On behalf of our members, the Center thanks you for offering your time, skills and support.