Access the services you need through partnerships you can trust

At the Center, we do the due diligence so you don’t have to, saving you time as well as money. We vet each partner organization based on • breadth and quality of services • competitive pricing • industry standing • experience in the nonprofit sector • and even nonprofit support—do they sit on boards and committees, contribute through sponsorships and donations, volunteer, etc.

Every year, we re-evaluate current partners and assess other resources in the field to determine which organizations best meet our criteria and will best serve our members with the following services.

The Center’s partner for unemployment insurance provides the nonprofit community with a safe, cost-effective alternative to paying high state unemployment insurance taxes. Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, our partner helps members drive down the cost of unemployment claims and can save your nonprofit thousands of dollars a year. Access this benefit.

The Center's partner for employee retirement savings programs focuses on helping CEO’s and CFO’s understand their due diligence responsibilities when reviewing their existing retirement platform. Our partner helps educate executives on best practices to reduce their fiduciary liability, guides them on whether their existing retirement plan utilizes the most cost efficient product, and provides continuing retirement education to the employees of the organization. Access this benefit.

The Center's partner for liability and commercial insurance is able to write tough exposures that other markets stay away from, some of these include drug rehabilitation centers, foster care operations and adoption agencies. Center members have access to insurance products ranging from general liability to workers compensation. Access this benefit.

Center members participating in VitalHealth have access to short-term and/or long-term disability insurance. This insurance is not administered by VitalHealth but is only available to full-time employees of your organization who have elected to participate VitalHealth. It is intended to protect income in the event an employee becomes ill or injured. Access this benefit.

Gain access to a team of expert nonprofit finance professionals highly skilled in accounting software and financial management. Services range from transactional bookkeeping to grant tracking and audit preparation to serving as a virtual CFO. Access this benefit.