6 top reasons nonprofits join the Center

As anyone in the nonprofit sector knows, the challenges to stay well funded and effective are complex and ever-shifting. Membership in the Center for Nonprofit Advancement makes it easier to tackle these challenges and position your organization for a stronger, sustainable future.

Center membership is available to nonprofit organizations, not individuals. Join the Center and member benefits will be available to all of your staff. Training and resources are also available to your board members and volunteers.

As nonprofit member organization, you can:
1. Maximize budgets with big savings
  • VitalHealth (medical, dental, vision insurance)
  • Group buying programs
  • Generous discounts on all Center training programs
  • Access to key services and resources free or significantly discounted
2. Make valuable connections
  • Members-only Cohorts for CEO/EDs, COO/Directors of Operations, Development Staff and Marketing & Communications staff
  • Board Match
  • Annual Celebration and events
3. Attract, retain and develop quality staff
  • Affordable health benefits (typically more competitive than the business sector)
  • Training – build skills and capabilities to support your mission, strengthen capacity and help staff members advance their careers
4. Access expert advice and resources
6. Expand your audience
  • Spotlight - this weekly email shares our members' news, events and stories.
  • Instagram Takeover - spread the word about an event or program launch through the Center's Instagram account. For a specified amount of time, we'll turn it over to you to promote your news item.

Sliding scale makes membership dues easily affordable

Yearly membership dues are determined by the size of your organization’s annual expenses, so even the smallest of nonprofits can afford to join.

All of our members find that the savings and benefits they enjoy through membership far outweigh their dues investment. Those that participate in VitalHealth and group buying programs save more than the cost of dues right there. But even without the insurance savings, utilizing Center services and resources more than pays for the dues.

Here is a breakdown of member dues:

Organization's Annual Expenses: Yearly Annual Dues:
$24,999 and below $265
$25,000–$49,999 $315
$50,000–$99,999 $425
$100,000–$199,999 $575
$200,000–$399,999 $739
$400,000–$699,999 $949
$700,000–$999,999 $1,115
$1,000,000–$1,999,999 $1,275
$2,000,000–$3,999,999 $1,515
$4,000,000–$5,999,999 $1,845
$6,000,000–$9,999,999 $1,998
$10M–$14.9M $2,225
$15M and above $2,495