Cultivating qualified, dynamic and invested nonprofit boards

The Center understands the critical role a board of directors plays in the success of a nonprofit organization. We recognize the challenges of recruiting quality candidates and educating them on the functions and responsibilities of being a nonprofit board member. We also recognize that many individuals interested in sitting on boards are often not sure how to go about it.

So, in 2017, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement launched its new Board Match program. This program is designed to facilitate relationship building between individuals interested in serving on a board and organizations looking to enhance their boards with new perspectives and talents.

For nonprofit organizations

Nonprofits must complete the Board Match Organization Application. This form asks questions pertaining to your specific location, your mission focus, and what type of skills and personal characteristics your organization is looking to add to its board of directors.

Organization fee:

  • FREE for all Center members
  • $500.00 for non-members

For potential board candidates

Individuals interested in joining a board must complete the Board Match Individual Application. This form asks questions pertaining to your background and interests.

Individual fee:

A panel reviews all applications submitted by nonprofits, as well as candidate applications, to select the strongest matches. The Center will provide one to three prospects for nonprofits and individuals to review and consider, and will facilitate introductions between the organization and the individuals.

No timeline or match is guaranteed in this process. Formal board placement will be the responsibility of the two parties.


Board Training

To help educate prospective, new and even current members, we offer Board Basics A to Z, a course presented virtually in three 2 1/2-hour morning sessions on what it means to be a nonprofit board member. Offered multiple times per year, this training program provides fundamental information on expectations, purpose, accountability, qualifications and the benefits of serving on a nonprofit board.