First Choice Career Development (FCCD) is a regional nonprofit dedicated to enriching the Washington, DC community by creating workforce development opportunities.

Who FCCD Serves

FCCD is committed to serving any individual in the Washington, DC region facing barriers to stable employment and economic well-being. As they strive to create a more equitable and prosperous future for **our** most marginalized communities, they particularly prioritize returning citizens in their enrollment and programming.

What FCCD Does

FCCD offers three core programs for community members, catering to various backgrounds and needs.

Leadership Program: A series of training sessions and coaching that prepares participants to gain and retain employment in the skilled trades. In addition to industry-specific safety and skills training, participants receive instruction in widely applicable soft and hard skills, including resume development, computer literacy, networking, financial management, communication strategies, and more.

Apprenticeship Program: A multi-year experience designed to build the next generation of construction industry leaders. Apprentices complete classroom study and on-the-job training to become fully-qualified journey-level masons.

Youth & Community Program: A summer emersion that encourages youth to define and pursue their own personal success. Participants are exposed to a range of opportunities—from college to vocational programs and entrepreneurship—and given the tools and guidance to develop a career pathway that works best for them.