Management Assistance – Through a collaborative and supportive approach the Center provides resources, expertise and guidance to help organizations enhance their overall effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Key components of management assistance may include: 

  1. Strategic Planning: Collaborating on the development of long-term goals, objectives, and strategies to ensure the recipient organization aligns its activities with its mission and adapts to changing circumstances. 
  2. Governance and Leadership: Providing guidance on board development, leadership training, and governance structures to enhance the organization’s leadership capabilities and decision-making processes. 
  3. Program Development and Evaluation: Helping the recipient organization design and implement effective programs, as well as establishing mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating program outcomes. 
  4. Capacity Building: Focusing on building the skills and capacities of the recipient organization’s staff and volunteers to enhance their ability to carry out their mission effectively. 
  5. Technology and Infrastructure: Assisting with the adoption and integration of appropriate technologies, as well as improving overall organizational infrastructure, to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. 
  6. Networking and Collaboration: Facilitating connections with other organizations, stakeholders, and potential partners to foster collaboration, resource-sharing, and the exchange of best practices. 

Current collaborative efforts include the following.

Nonprofit Village
First Choice Career Development

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