Through a collaborative and supportive relationship, the Center provides administrative and financial support to the recipient organization. This agreement allows the organization to remain focused on its mission without having to independently manage certain operational aspects. Fiscal partnership is a strategic alliance that enables nonprofits to access resources and expertise that might otherwise be challenging to obtain independently.  

Key components of fiscal partnership may include: 

  1. Financial Oversight and Management: Assisting with financial management, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. Managing grant funds and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements.  
  1. Administrative Services: Providing administrative support, such as handling payroll, human resources, and other operational functions.
  1. Tax-Exempt Status: Extending tax-exempt status to the sponsored organization, allowing it to receive tax-deductible donations without going through the process of obtaining its own tax-exempt status. 
  1. Grant Management: Assisting the sponsored organization in seeking and managing grants, often leveraging established relationships and credibility within the funding community. 
  1. Fundraising and Resource Development: Offering support in fundraising strategies, grant writing, donor cultivation, and diversification of funding sources to strengthen the financial sustainability of the organization. 

Current collaborative efforts include the following.

Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street
The Parks Main Street
Community Programming Initiative
Creative Solutions 4 Youth

Contact Tyieshia for more information.