Internships: Great for students AND nonprofits

Guidelines for setting up an unpaid internship program: Internships provide an excellent way to prepare students for the workforce, provide hands-on training and launch careers. For nonprofits, it's an opportunity to help shape the emerging… read more

Strengthen your organization’s leadership package without straining your budget

When setting up a 457(b) plan makes sense: In 2019, the government allows taxpayers to contribute up to $19,000 annually to their 401(k) or 403(b) plans ($25,000 if over age 50). However, executives at nonprofit… read more


The Center is turning 40! Join us in celebrating our past as we look toward the future. Share your story: #Rocking40withtheCenter What has Center membership meant to your nonprofit? What benefits have made a difference?… read more

Impact of Government Shutdown

Thank you to all who responded to our recent survey on the effects of the federal government shutdown. We heard from nonprofit organizations of varying types, budget sizes and locations throughout the District of Columbia,… read more

Become a star advocate for your nonprofit

Every member of a nonprofit’s team has an important role in advocacy, even if it’s not included in their assigned responsibilities. If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit, then you are most likely passionate… read more

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