VitalHealth launches new fitness tracking program

... providing a little extra motivation to meet aspirations for a healthy, active lifestyle.   The program is available to everyone enrolled in VitalHealth, PLUS staff at all Center member organizations—at no charge. The only… read more

Recognizing the success of outgoing UGA Main Street Director

... and searching for our next star! The Center is delighted to share the growth and success of the Upper Georgia Avenue (UGA) Main Street program and recognize Executive Director Paul Ruppert as he moves… read more

One year out, we take a look back

As we move forward from this unbelievable year, we'd like to remember and share some of the positive changes and outcomes we saw at the Center. We'd like to hear about your achievements as well.… read more

Center CEO Glen O’Gilvie shares his thoughts in The Washington Post

... about why we should apply a racial equity lens to our year-end (and year round) giving By intentionally applying a racial equity lens to our giving, we can not only support organizations that are… read more

Get ready for 2021—learn from experts in the 2020 Nonprofit Agenda

... now available in an easy to read digital format! In this year's issue, experts weigh in on key topics such as improving cyber security, planning through uncertainty, taking meaningful steps in DEI and more.… read more

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