Dr. Sarah Degnan Kambou – 2018 EXCEL Winner

As President of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), Sarah Kambou shares her perspective on leadership For nearly 15 years, Sarah has been at the helm of this global research institute that focuses… read more

Bethany Rubin Henderson – 2018 EXCEL Winner

As Executive Director for DC SCORES, Bethany Henderson shares her perspective on leadership A nationally recognized social entrepreneur, Bethany assumed her leadership role with DC SCORES in 2014. An Echoing Green Fellow and a White… read more

Edmund Glabus – 2018 EXCEL Honorable Mention

As Executive Director of The Veterans Consortium (TVC), Edmund “Ed” Glabus shares his perspective on leadership During Ed’s tenure, TVC has been inducted into the Catalogue for Philanthropy as “One of the Best” charities, has… read more

Thinking Differently About Advocacy

Dictionary.com tells us that to advocate is to “speak or write in favor of; recommend publicly; support or urge by argument.” Sometimes, it can be all too easy to get caught up in that argument… read more

Effective advocacy in one word: VOTE

Nonprofits are rediscovering the power of the vote. So many issues, so little time! Between the screaming headlines, the social media blitzes and the mountains of position papers, developing an effective advocacy strategy for your… read more

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