We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all who joined us for the fifth annual Get Centered BINGO game on March 22. Everyone who attended had a blast while learning tips and guidelines from our five expert sponsors.

CEO Glen O’Gilvie set the stage for the event, warmly welcoming everyone to another thrilling round of Bingo and introducing our sponsors. Taylor Strange, the Center’s Chief of Staff, then laid out the rules for winning, emphasizing the importance of declaring “BINGO” with gusto upon victory.

The game started off strong, with Cody Bahn, Communications Manager of Young Playwrights’ Theater, emerged triumphant in the first round of BINGO. Selecting prize basket #1, Cody was thrilled with their winnings, which included a couple Amazon and Sugarwish gift cards, a 60-minute IT support or IT security consultation, a sleek 24” Samsung Curved LCD, and a coveted set of AirPods. Cody expressed that they were especially happy to win a new pair of AirPods – you just can’t beat that sound quality! 

As anticipation mounted with each ball drawn from the Bingo Cage, Anna Bahn, Digital Strategist for KFF, secured victory in the second round, proudly declaring a double bingo! She claimed Basket #3 as her prize, which included Amazon and Sugarwish gift cards, a complimentary personal tax consultation, Airpods and a sleek 24” Samsung Curved LCD

In the final round, Christine Tomasik, Associate Vice President of Philanthropy for Out Teach, exclaimed a triumphant BINGO! She won Basket #2, which included Amazon and Sugarwish gift cards, a new pair of AirPods, a Goldin Group branded portable charger, and a 60-minute IT support or IT security consultation.

We also raffled off several prizes, with Jeanne McCarty, CEO of Out Teach, winning a Center for Nonprofit Advancement branded A/V case – a bona fide collector’s item. Nnamnse Ammons, Director of Swim to Code, undoubtedly had a memorable Bingo experience when he secured a year’s worth of Center membership at a 50% discount.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, offering attendees a delightful and educational way to conclude the first quarter of the year. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to making it such a memorable occasion!

A huge ‘Thank You’ to our sponsors for helping us put on an excellent event! If you need any assistance with the areas of expertise covered by our sponsors, we encourage you to reach out:


Goldin Group

 Ariel Goldin


Simple IT Care 

Christopher Chung
855-471-8200 x601
703.655.5020 (cell)




Cheryl L. Jones


Nonstop Wellness


Purchasing Point

PurchasingPoint Team – talktous@purchasingpoint.org

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