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Access the services you need through partnerships you can trust

At the Center, we do the due diligence so you don’t have to, saving you time as well as money. We vet each partner organization based on • breadth and quality of services • competitive pricing • industry standing • experience in the nonprofit sector • and even nonprofit support—do they sit on boards and committees, contribute through sponsorships and donations, volunteer, etc.

Every year, we re-evaluate current partners and assess other resources in the field to determine which organizations best meet our criteria and will best serve our members with the following services.

The Center’s partner for unemployment insurance provides the nonprofit community with a safe, cost-effective alternative to paying high state unemployment insurance taxes. Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, our partner helps members drive down the cost of unemployment claims and can save your nonprofit thousands of dollars a year. Access this benefit.

The Center's partner for employee retirement savings programs focuses on helping CEO’s and CFO’s understand their due diligence responsibilities when reviewing their existing retirement platform. Our partner helps educate executives on best practices to reduce their fiduciary liability, guides them on whether their existing retirement plan utilizes the most cost efficient product, and provides continuing retirement education to the employees of the organization. Access this benefit.

The Center's partner for liability and commercial insurance is able to write tough exposures that other markets stay away from, some of these include drug rehabilitation centers, foster care operations and adoption agencies. Center members have access to insurance products ranging from general liability to workers compensation. Access this benefit.

Center members participating in VitalHealth have access to short-term and/or long-term disability insurance. This insurance is not administered by VitalHealth but is only available to full-time employees of your organization who have elected to participate VitalHealth. It is intended to protect income in the event an employee becomes ill or injured. Access this benefit.

Gain access to a team of expert nonprofit finance professionals highly skilled in accounting software and financial management. Services range from transactional bookkeeping to grant tracking and audit preparation to serving as a virtual CFO. Access this benefit.

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Affordable, comprehensive health insurance for your staff

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement's Benefits Trust offers VitalHealth, a group buying insurance product. Through VitalHealth, the Center provides its member organizations access to health care coverage—including medical, dental, vision and life insurances—at the best possible value. VitalHealth has provided health benefits to the nonprofit community for more than 35 years, offering great customer service, security and consistency in cost, and overall peace of mind.

VitalHealth is pleased to announce the medical carriers for 2020-21 are Aetna and Kaiser Permanente. There are 9 plan options consisting of:

  • High Deductible, Health Savings Account Plans available through Aetna or Kaiser
  • Aetna Network Plans
  • Aetna PPO Plan
  • Kaiser DHMO Signature Plans
  • Kaiser DHMO Plus Plan- Unique plan with out of Network Benefit
  • Medical plans offer comprehensive coverage, including:
    • Occupational & Physical Therapy
    • Acupuncture/Chiropractic Services
    • Infertility Treatments (limited)
    • Wellness programs
    • Domestic Partner Benefits
    • Access to plans with 100% coverage, and much more
  • Dental, vision and life insurance plans
  • Guarantee issue (no underwriting), meaning your employees will never have to submit to a medical exam or questionnaire to receive coverage
  • COBRA coverage: a Center member organization must be actively participating in VitalHealth to provide COBRA to a transitioning staff person
  • Competitive rates — joining together to create a larger pool of lives enables VitalHealth to negotiate the lowest possible rates for our members
  • Access to short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Medical plans are available to Center member organizations with two or more employees working 20 or more hours per week.
  • Vision, life and dental plans are available to Center member organizations with one or more employees working 20 or more hours per week.
  • Only W-2 employees at Center member nonprofits may enroll. Board members, contract employees and volunteers cannot enroll in VitalHealth.
  • VitalHealth can not offer medical insurance to Maryland nonprofit employers with 2 - 50 employees, as a result of the Maryland Small Group Insurance Reform Law. However, VitalHealth's licensed broker can assist your organization in setting up medical coverage as part of your Center member benefit.

Participation in VitalHealth requires a separate application process and is not automatic with Center membership. Participation is only available to members of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. If your organization is a member, login to the Center to learn how to enroll.

Learn more: access plan overview and rates.

VitalHealth is a separate entity and all insurance related payments should be payable to VitalHealth.

For specific questions, please contact VitalHealth Manager, Elisha Hardy.

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Savings on member benefits more than offset the cost of membership

The Center helps nonprofit organizations accomplish more by providing tools, resources and services that improve efficiency, build capacity and strengthen sustainability. Many of these benefits are available to members only, and all are either free or significantly discounted for members.

The Center’s Training Hub offers comprehensive professional development opportunities for the nonprofit community taught by top professionals in the region. Center members pay a fraction of the registration fees on Center courses (more than 100 offered annually), the Executive Preparation Institute and Board Basics A to Z.

The Resource Center provides immeasurable savings to our members, enabling them to find answers and solutions without the high costs of consultation and labor investment. Accessible 24/7, the Resource Center offers a wide range of current information and nonprofit management tools, including survey results, guidelines, templates, manuals, sample policies, best practices and more.

The Center helps nonprofits cultivate strong, effective boards to broaden awareness and support for their missions. Board Match, which includes recruiting, training, matching and on-boarding new board members, is available to nonprofits for $500, but is a free benefit for Center members.

The Center offers several competitions for nonprofits, with opportunities to earn cash grants, organizational assessments, recommendations from experts, great PR and more. Application fees are waived for Center members, and event participation fees are either waived or heavily discounted.

Affordable conference and meeting space is hard to come by, especially for nonprofit organizations. The Center has a conveniently located conference room available for rent to nonprofit organizations, businesses and other community members. Center members can rent at significant discounts, saving up to $325 on full-day rentals.

The Center's online employment resource center connects individuals dedicated to a career in the nonprofit community with nonprofit employers in the Greater Washington region who seek their talents and skills. Center members save 50% on job postings.

If you have any questions about member benefits, please email Patrick Rabiecki, Member Assoicate, or call 202.774.5540.

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Support the nonprofit sector while expanding your business

You’ll discover unique ways to support and do business with nonprofit organizations in our region when you join the Center for Nonprofit Advancement as an Industry Member.

The Center is the first association in the country created for nonprofits and has been serving the Greater Washington area since 1979. Today, the Center interacts with thousands of nonprofits through training programs, award competitions, insurance benefits, group buying programs and print, online and social media communications.

The Center’s outreach for 2019 included:

2,387 Training participants and event attendees
120 Members in 3 different cohorts
5,000+ E-Newsletter subscribers
31,538 Website visitors
8,544 Twitter followers
1,762 Facebook fans
12,701 LinkedIn followers
860 Instagram followers

Industry membership is open to consultants, businesses and corporations that serve the nonprofit sector. Levels of membership include:

With an annual investment of $5,000, a Legacy Member receives:

  • Promotion on Center website home page for one month
  • Listing on Industry Experts page of the Center’s website for one year (1,400 visits per month)
  • Featured vendor on Industry Experts page for one month
  • One complimentary full-page ad in the Nonprofit Agenda, and 50% off any additional ads
  • Advertorial with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger (monthly digital newsletter) – one placement per year
  • Introduction with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger – one time upon joining
  • Opportunity to author blog post on the Center's website - one time per year
  • Opportunity to be listed as a sponsor for one education class - one time per year
  • Member discount for all award programs and events
  • Member discount for all training programs

With an annual investment of $2,500, a Partner Member receives:

  • Listing on the Industry Experts page of the Center’s website for one year (1,400 visits per month)
  • Featured vendor on Industry Experts page for one month
  • Complimentary half-page ad or equivalent discount on larger ad in the Nonprofit Agenda, and 50% off any additional ads
  • Advertorial with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger (monthly digital newsletter) – one placement per year
  • Introduction with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger – one time upon joining
  • Member discount for all award programs and events
  • Member discount for all training programs


With an annual investment of $1,000, an Advocate Member receives:

  • Listing on Industry Experts page of the Center’s website for one year (1,400 visits per month)
  • One complimentary quarter page ad or equivalent discount on larger ad in the Nonprofit Agenda, and 50% off any additional ads
  • Introduction with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger – one time upon joining
  • Member discount for all awards programs and events
  • Member discount for all training programs


With an annual investment of $500, a Colleague Member receives:

  • Listing on Industry Experts page of the Center’s website for one year (1,400 visits per month)
  • A 50% discount on advertising rates in the Nonprofit Agenda
  • Introduction with link to company website in the Center’s Nonprofit Messenger – one time upon joining
  • Member discount for all awards programs and events
  • Member discount for all training programs

Please note: Industry members engage in business efforts to strengthen the Greater Washington nonprofit sector. Industry members are eligible for the benefits relative to their partnership level.

For questions about industry membership or more details about any of the membership levels, contact Patrick Rabiecki, Member Associate.

Advertising opportunities with the Center

Nonprofit Agenda

The Center's Nonprofit Agenda is an annual publication with a print and online distribution of 10,000+, including executive directors/CEOs and management staff at nonprofit organizations in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George's counties, plus professional members of the philanthropic, corporate and government sectors.

The Agenda provides a unique opportunity to reach these key decision makers in our region, with a selection of ad sizes and rates. The Agenda is published in the Fall and space reservations open in September.

Download the Rate Sheet to learn more.

See the most recent issue: 2019 Nonprofit Agenda

For questions about advertising in the Nonprofit Agenda, contact communications

Nonprofit Messenger

The Nonprofit Messenger is the Center's monthly e-newsletter, shared with a subscriber base of more than 5,000 nonprofit leaders, policy makers and corporate professionals throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Advertising in the Nonprofit Messenger is open to Center Industry Members only. For more information or to pay for a reservation, click on the following:

Messenger Advertising Rate Sheet
Advertorial Online Payment

For questions about advertising in the Nonprofit Messenger, contact communications

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6 top reasons nonprofits join the Center

As anyone in the nonprofit sector knows, the challenges to stay well funded and effective are complex and ever-shifting. Membership in the Center for Nonprofit Advancement makes it easier to tackle these challenges and position your organization for a stronger, sustainable future.

Center membership is available to nonprofit organizations, not individuals. Join the Center and member benefits will be available to all of your staff. Training and resources are also available to your board members and volunteers.

As nonprofit member organization, you can:
1. Maximize budgets with big savings
  • VitalHealth (medical, dental, vision insurance)
  • Group buying programs
  • Generous discounts on all Center training programs
  • Access to key services and resources free or significantly discounted
2. Make valuable connections
  • Members-only Cohorts for CEO/EDs, COO/Directors of Operations, Development Staff and Marketing & Communications staff
  • Board Match
  • Annual Celebration and events
3. Attract, retain and develop quality staff
  • Affordable health benefits (typically more competitive than the business sector)
  • Training – build skills and capabilities to support your mission, strengthen capacity and help staff members advance their careers
4. Access expert advice and resources
6. Expand your audience
  • Spotlight - this weekly email shares our members' news, events and stories.
  • Instagram Takeover - spread the word about an event or program launch through the Center's Instagram account. For a specified amount of time, we'll turn it over to you to promote your news item.

Sliding scale makes membership dues easily affordable

Yearly membership dues are determined by the size of your organization’s annual expenses, so even the smallest of nonprofits can afford to join.

All of our members find that the savings and benefits they enjoy through membership far outweigh their dues investment. Those that participate in VitalHealth and group buying programs save more than the cost of dues right there. But even without the insurance savings, utilizing Center services and resources more than pays for the dues.

Here is a breakdown of member dues:

Organization's Annual Expenses: Yearly Annual Dues:
$24,999 and below $250
$25,000–$49,999 $300
$50,000–$99,999 $400
$100,000–$199,999 $550
$200,000–$399,999 $700
$400,000–$699,999 $900
$700,000–$999,999 $1,050
$1,000,000–$1,999,999 $1,200
$2,000,000–$3,999,999 $1,400
$4,000,000–$5,999,999 $1,700
$6,000,000–$9,999,999 $1,850
$10M–$14.9M $2,050
$15M and above $2,300

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Take advantage of powerful collective purchasing and cost-saving member benefits

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement makes it easier for our member organizations to provide affordable health insurance to staff, save on operational insurances and services through group buying, and access valuable Center benefits for free or at significant discounts.     

Health Insurance

Through VitalHealth, the Center’s group buying insurance product, member organizations have access to affordable and comprehensive medical coverage, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans.

Learn More

Group Buying

The Center vets current and potential partners annually to determine the best resource for unemployment insurance, liability and commercial insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, employee retirement savings programs and financial management and accounting.

Learn More

Key Resources

In addition to cost savings on insurances and group buying discounts, Center members save on the many other benefits the Center provides to ensure nonprofits succeed.

Learn More

Not a member yet?

Learn how you can join today.

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The Center is the first association in the country created for nonprofits and has been serving the Greater Washington area since 1979. Today, the Center interacts with thousands of nonprofits through training programs, award competitions, insurance benefits, group buying programs and print, online and social media communications.

Join as a nonprofit member

and gain invaluable support in fulfilling your mission.

Learn More

Join as an industry member

and gain unique opportunities to connect with the nonprofit sector.

Learn More

Board Match program

If you are interested in joining a board of directors of a nonprofit organization, the Center has a Board Match program that helps connect those interested in serving with organizations looking for new board members. Contact Taylor Strange

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This webinar is being led by Center Group-Buying partner Goldin Group, LLC

In late 2020, the new Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was signed into law. This includes the new economic stimulus package known as “PPP2”.

Join us for a webinar to learn the latest developments on:
• PPP 1 – when should you file the forgiveness application to maximize forgiveness?
• What is the tax treatment of PPP1?
• And as important – we’ll discuss PPP2: what are the key elements of the new round of funding? Can you apply?

This is event is FREE to attend, but prior registration is required.

Register Now!

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July 18 – 31

Heather Peeler, president and CEO of ACT for Alexandria, discusses what needs to be done to prevent evictions in her recently published article on Alexandria Times.

The Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington and its executive director Amy McNamer are mentioned in an article by The Washington Post discussing how parents are looking into private schools that plan to open their campuses because of public schools going virtual.

The Art League will have a new home next year. A contractor, the Carr Companies, is planning to build a two-building property called Muse. It will be located in Old Town North at 1201 North Royal Street and welcome the Art League as a tenant. Full story at The Zebra.

Instead of honoring an individual for 2020, the Arlington Community Foundation has announced plans to salute the community’s human-service workers with this year’s William T. Newman Jr. Spirit of Community Award. See full story at InsideNova.

Britepaths is seeking donations from the community to assist students in need who attend schools in the county as part of its annual Collect for Kids Back-to-School Program. See full story and how you can help at InsideNova.

Dorian Warren, president of the Center for Community Change, is mentioned in an article discussing options to keep child-care facilities operational for children of essential workers. Reported by The Washington Post.

Glen O’Gilvie, CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement, is feature in an article by the Washington Business Journal discussing the Center’s role in supporting nonprofits thought pandemic and race equity challenges. (A portion of the article can be found on the Center’s website.) The Center is also calling for nominations for its Excellence in Chief Executive Leadership Award. Nominees must have held the top salaried executive position for at least three years at a nonprofit group with an annual budget under $10 million in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia. Nominations are due August 7.

Sarah Vaughan of Child Care Aware of Virginia, and her organization are featured in an article by WDBJ7 discussing what parents can do to find help to pay for child care.

The Community Foundation of the New River Valley hosted a roundtable discussion with United States Sen. Tim Kaine. Read the full recap at WSLS.

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia announced that it has awarded over $250,000 in scholarships to more than one hundred area students to support their higher education goals beginning this fall. See the full press release, as well as their other scholarships, on their website.

Community Tax Aid is mentioned in The Washington Post article that discusses the reopening of the MLK Library in September.

DC Central Kitchen and Flying Dog Brewery announced that the two organizations have teamed up to create Dog Chow – a digital cookbook featuring unique Flying Dog-themed recipes developed by top chefs in the D.C. region – to support DCCK’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts, reported by Brew Bound.

Tamara Smith, executive director of the DC Primary Care Association, is quoted in an article discussing DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration decision to shake up the city’s system for delivering health care to poor residents who are on Medicaid. Reported by The DC Line.

Martha’s Table is featured in an article by ABC News about District of Columbia residents banding together to feed the hungry during the pandemic. The organization used to serve 500 meals each day, but has ratcheted up its capacity to supply more than 2,000 meals daily, according to Kim Ford, the organization’s president and chief executive. Their story and other contributing nonprofits in DC is also featured in The Washington Post.

Anthony J. Snipes, president of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, published an article on ICMA discussing how public administrators must utilize their roles in developing policies to support fair, equitable, and just changes.

On-Ramps to Careers is hosting virtual tech internships for 200 local minority high school students. Reported by

The Virginia College Fund is seeking an exceptional candidate for the position of President who is a highly motivated leader with a demonstrated ability to fundraise. Read the full job posting at The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement, is featured in an article by WTOP discussing how faith leaders have urged VA Gov. Northam to pause evictions.


July 11 – 17

Brandi Yee, chief program officer of ACT for Alexandria, was recently featured in an exclusive interview on The Zebra.

AT&T grants Bridges to Independence $20,000. Read the full story at Connection Newspapers

Carpenter’s Shelter recently received a $15,000 donation from the nonprofit American Water Charitable Foundation and Virginia American Water to help in their service to the homeless, which they have continued uninterrupted throughout the pandemic. Full story at The Zebra.

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement launched its Center for Race, Equity, Justice and Inclusion on July 15 with the first in a series of panel discussions with change makers in the region. Over 100 leaders from the nonprofit, government, philanthropy and business sectors participated.

DC Central Kitchen and Flying Dog Brewery along with local chefs collaborated to create Dog Chow, a digital cookbook. The profits from sales will go towards DC Central Kitchen’s charitable efforts. Get the scoop on NBC Washington.

Lorton Community Action Center has received $2,500 from the Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation to buy needed items for its food pantry and supplies for nutrition education courses. Reported by InsideNOVA.

The McLean Project for the Arts (MPA) debuted its “SHIFT” exhibit this past Wednesday, July 15. The exhibit explores concepts of change or exchange in the paradigm, position, dreams, environment, perspective and more. Learn more about the exhibit and future events at The Tyson Reporter.

Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Center for Health Research, is quoted in an article by The Washington Post discussing how Major League Baseball gambled by converting a PED lab to coronavirus testing.

Lori Smetanka, executive director of the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, is quoted in an article posted on KHN discussing how states have started to allow in person nursing home visits.

Learn more about Senior Services of Alexandria’s new Virtual Summer Programming and how it will work at The Zebra.

Marion Brunken, executive director of Volunteer Alexandria, is quoted in an article discussing the organization and how it helped support ALIVE this past week by providing hungry families with meals. Reported by ALXnow.


July 4 – 10

Parker Gilkesson, a policy analyst for the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) in Washington, DC, is quoted in an article in The New York Times about how the pandemic and loss of jobs have forced food programs to shut down or change operations.

DC Central Kitchen is featured in an article that discusses how DC charities have been feeding hungry families during the pandemic, but food equity experts are saying it’s not enough. Reported by The DCist.

On July 15, McLean Project for the Arts opens SHIFT, MPA’s first juried online exhibition. The work of 48 mid-Atlantic artists will answer the question “How has your world been affected by this ‘SHIFT’ in our lives?” Learn more about the event at The Patch. The McLean Project for the Arts is among the recipients of $50,000 grants from the National Endowment for the Arts CARES Act to help with the financial fallout from the pandemic. See that story at the Tysons Reporter.

Senior Services of Alexandria (SSA) welcomed five new board members at its virtual Annual Meeting on June 23, 2020. The new members have a broad range of experience from the medical, federal government, legal and financial sectors. Reported by Connection Newspapers.

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The Center is excited to partner with Group-Buying partner Goldin Group on this webinar!

On June 17, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Department of the Treasury issued a new “EZ Forgiveness Application,” and revised full forgiveness applications for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The largest change is that organizations can now opt for a 24-week period instead of an 8-week period to utilize their loans.

In this free webinar, Goldin Group, LLC will explain the impacts of these changes for the forgiveness of PPP loans, and loan forgiveness for the self-employed.

Learn how to maximize your PPP loan forgiveness, and get answers to your questions about rehiring, ending furloughs, and non-payroll expenses

Register Now!

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