On May 5th, the Center for Race, Equity, Justice & Inclusion held the 4th Change Makers Panel: Lessons in Leadership. During which, our panelists discussed their personal experience in both life and the workplace, and shared unique insight in moving forward in the future.

Throughout the panel, we polled attendees about racial equity efforts. The first question asked: how would you describe your satisfaction with the racial equity efforts across sectors in the region over the past 2 years? Of our attendees, 56% of participants were cautiously optimistic, while 22% felt frustrated.

In our second question, we asked attendees where their organizations are on the continuum of developing a race equity agenda and policies for governance and operations. 46% of participants have completed internal assessments of governance and operations policies, 19% are committed to starting in the next 3 months, and 27% are still exploring options and having important conversations with boards and leadership teams.

In closing, CEO Glen O'Gilvie remarked, "find your community and be vulnerable within your community."


Recording available for a limited time!

If you weren’t able to attend, we encourage you to listen to the recording. Learn from our panelists' experienced-based wisdom about how to initiate and strengthen an anti-racist culture in your organization.

4th Change Makers Panel, May 5, 2022
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Panel of Change Makers

C. Ryan Jones is a senior sales and operations executive with 20+ years of experience in digital transformation and corporate leadership. He currently serves as an Executive Sales Director for Microsoft’s US Enterprise Industry group, running a $300M segment of the overall US business holdings. Ryan has managed high profile client relationships in private and public sector over his career and led several national enterprise sales units in addition to roles leading national customer service and operations divisions. Ryan has driven market share growth across various product lines, negotiated billions in revenue agreements with Fortune 100 clients, the US Department of Defense and US Health and Human Services and has been most recently tasked with driving industry transformation.

Ryan is passionate on personal and professional development and has created and supported mentoring structures in each of his assignments to help others attain their goals. Ryan serves as Co-Chair of the DC Chapter of Blacks at Microsoft (BAM), a 30+year old Employee Resource Group dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of Black employees. He creates and supports training curriculums to help Microsoft employees in BAM improve their personal and professional development and is the founding principal at Adapt & Advance, LLC – a sales excellence coaching firm that works with clients in all industries.

Ryan is also a member of the Board of Directors for Beacon House, an organization providing children in the Edgewood neighborhood of Northeast Washington, DC with a safe, nurturing, and life-expanding community in which to increase their academic achievement, discover their talents, and to grow into healthy adults who achieve their greatest potential. Ryan enjoys making new connections and engaging the power of those connections to better his community. He holds a B.S., Computer Science from Shepherd College (WV), a MBA from George Washington University (DC) and several executive certifications ranging from LSS to BPM and PMP from Villanova University (PA).

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