The Center starts promoting training

In the early years before the Center (known as WCCSA) offered its own training, we partnered with area universities and other nonprofits who were already offering classes. Interestingly, we promoted a variety of both health-related and organizational management classes, including topics like grant writing, integrating approaches to family therapy, urban economic policy and theory, and divorce/re-marriage impacts on society. Check out the rest of the selection offered in March 1981.



The Center’s first newsletter

In 1979, the Center was first formed as an organization called the Washington Council of Community Service Agencies (WCCSA). It was developed by a group of nonprofit leaders who recognized the power of collaboration. They came together to make their needs known and their voices heard, to increase effectiveness and efficiency by sharing resources, to take joint action on issues of mutual concern. Just as the Center continues to do today, the Council provided support, information and educational services, working to achieve high standards in program quality and management.