Throughout American Asian Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement embraced its theme for 2023: “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity.” By honoring AAPI heritage, we not only preserve its rich history within our collective culture but also amplify the efforts and achievements of contemporary leaders within this vibrant community. Together, we ensure that the legacy of AAPI heritage endures and thrives, inspiring future generations and fostering a more inclusive society.

In the spirit of honoring AAPI leaders and recognizing their extraordinary contributions, we draw inspiration from the remarkable achievements of individuals like Madame Chien-Shiung Wu and Ellison Onizuka. Madame Wu’s groundbreaking contributions to nuclear physics challenged the status quo and expanded our understanding of the fundamental forces of the universe. Similarly, Ellison Onizuka’s trailblazing journey as a Japanese American astronaut exemplified the immense potential and limitless possibilities within the AAPI community. 

Throughout May, celebrations of AAPI leaders and achievements took place in the DC area. The National Museum of Asian Art hosted a two-week festival featuring keynote speakers, performers, interactive experiences, culinary adventures, and community projects. Additionally, the Library of Congress offered a special display highlighting the art and literature of Jade Snow Wong, a prominent Chinese American author and ceramist. The Center hopes that our members took every opportunity to attend these events and demonstrate their support for AAPI heritage in addition to their more contemporary work.

As AAPI Heritage Month comes to a close, we must vow to take every chance we get to honor the rich and diverse tapestry of AAPI cultures and histories. In doing so, we can reaffirm our commitment to embracing diversity, promoting inclusivity and providing meaningful opportunities for AAPI leaders to thrive.

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