The Center for Nonprofit Advancement honors and reflects on the achievements of women throughout history and in contemporary society during Women’s History Month.

The Women’s History Month 2023 theme of “Women’s Resilience and Resistance” underlines the challenges that women have faced throughout history and the qualities that empowered them to overcome them. These women exemplified steadfast determination and strength, championing causes such as the suffragist movement, equal pay and reproductive rights. This theme is especially relevant today, as policies that affect women continue to be up for debate. It highlights the ongoing fight for gender equality and reminds us of the importance of unwavering resistance in the face of adversity.

To meet the moment and find the spark that allows us to continue the fight, we can look to the past and follow the example of those who refused to give up. We can channel the spirit of Susan B. Anthony, who played a pivotal role in securing voting rights for women as a suffragist; We can learn from the legacy of Sylvia Rivera, a trans rights activist who fought for the rights of LGBTQ+ communities; We can share the vision of Dolores Huerta, a labor leader who championed workers’ rights. 

As we near the end of March, we hope everyone found a way to celebrate and reflect on Women’s History Month. Many events were held in the DC area during Women’s History Month, including the 5th annual HerStory 5K run and the prestigious “Women Making History Awards” gala at the National Women’s History Museum. We trust that our members participated in all the events they were able to attend to honor the rich history of women.


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