We want to extend our gratitude to all who joined us for the fourth annual Get Centered BINGO game on March 31. Everyone who attended had a blast while learning tips and guidelines from our five expert sponsors.

As we all prepared our BINGO cards and reviewed the tasks required to claim the squares, CEO Glen O’Gilvie kicked off the event with an insightful explanation of the Center’s connection between the game of BINGO and the sponsors’ areas of expertise.

The game started off strong, with a call for BINGO from none other than the Center’s very own Elisha Hardy. Since being a team member for the Center is rewarding enough, we decided that her win would be applauded, but that the prize baskets would go to attendees of other nonprofit organizations.

The second round of BINGO was won by Terrel White, the Director of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. He chose prize basket #2, which was comprised of Amazon gift cards, a free personal tax consultation, a New 24” Samsung Curved LCD and a new set of AirPods.

Cody Bahn, Communications Manager of Young Playwrights’ Theater, won the third round after being the first of six people to call out BINGO. They took home a prize basket that included Amazon gift cards, a security awareness training program and a new set of AirPods.

In the final round, Brian Ullman, the Senior Manager of Learning and Impact for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, exclaimed a triumphant BINGO! He won Basket #3, which included a personal tax consultation and a 30-minute IT support or IT security consultation.

We also raffled off four prizes, with Jessica Graner, the Staff Accountant of Great River Homes, Inc., winning a copy of For Every One by Jason Reynolds and $10 Starbucks card while Bob Clements, CFO of Pathway Homes, Inc. took home a copy of Good Economics for Hard Times and $10 Starbucks card. Candy Herbert, the Director of Operations/HR at Farnham Family Services, had her day made when she won a free center class and Marianne Stemm, the Director of Human Resources at Thrive Alliance, was all smiles when she won a $50 Amazon gift card.

Overall, the event was a great success, providing attendees with a fun and informative way to wrap up the first quarter of the year. We’d like to thank everyone who came out and made it such a memorable event!

A huge ‘Thank You’ to our sponsors for helping us put on an excellent event! If you need any assistance with the areas of expertise covered by our sponsors, we encourage you to reach out:

Goldin Group



Simple IT Care 








Nonstop Health




Lenserf & Co.



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