The Center honors and acknowledges the rich history and invaluable contributions of this nation’s first people, Native Americans. Their fight to achieve sovereignty since our founding era asks that we recognize Native American history and take action to better serve the contemporary movements of today’s world.

Critical figures in Native American movements include activists Dennis Banks, George Mitchell, and Clyde Bellecourt, who formed the American Indian Movement (AIM) in 1968. The protests AIM organized helped direct nationwide attention toward their goals of ensuring treaty commitments and the protection of Native American religious freedom and cultural integrity. While progress has been made, remembering the triumphs is not enough. Continued action today is crucial.

There are multiple ways to get involved. Pushing for education that includes teachings centered around Native Americans, learning about treaties and pressuring government officials to fulfill treaty obligations can help advance protections.

The Center recognizes the efforts of all who work today to achieve equity for Native American communities, including these outstanding individuals: Audra Simpson, a scholar and professor of Anthropology at Columbia University; Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, the youth director of Earth Guardians; Winona LaDuke, a leader in the hemp revolution.

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