On January 20th, the Center’s Professional Development Book Club met via Zoom to discuss our third book, Deep Work by Cal Newport. We started with an enlightening conversation about the variety of distractions the modern world presents. In line with our reading, we shared thoughts, tips, and examples of how to cut the distractions from our lives and focus on work.

We are looking forward to starting our fourth book! If you are interested in joining our next discussing, please email Patrick Rabiecki.



Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work dives in to how to revolutionize work habits in a world where distractions are prevalent and attention spans are short. Newport presents a rigorous training regimen for readers to follow, as a series of four “rules” for transforming your mind and habits.

Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University and a New York Times bestselling author of seven books. Newport is also a regular contributor to the New Yorker, the New York Times, and WIRED.

“The Center’s book club is excited to dive into Cal Newport’s book about staying focused in a world where distractions are around every corner.” Patrick Rabiecki, Member Associate and co-planner of the Book Club.

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