To implement informative, relevant, forward-focused training, the Center relies on skilled professionals who specialize in and are committed to supporting the nonprofit sector. During these past few weeks, our faculty has gone above and beyond enabling us to implement a rapid, real-time response to the unprecedented challenges of this crisis. Classes already scheduled were transitioned to webinar format and modified to address current issues, and we presented eight new COVID-19 related programs providing much needed information, tools and guidance.


We’re proud of and very grateful to these outstanding individuals:

Swafia Ames, Brighter Strategies

Sharon Anderson, The Anderson Difference

Flannery Berg, FMA

Sarah Bowman Ratjik, Human Resources, Inc.

Octavia Caldwell, Caldwell Group

Maria Carrasquillo, MJH Consulting

Alfreda Edwards, Edwards Consulting Services

Amir B. Eyal, Mylestone Plans

Lewis Flax, Flax Associates

Javier Goldin, Goldin Group

Mike Gellman, Fiscal Strategies 4 Nonprofits

Carol Hamilton, Grace Social Sector

Britt Hogue, The Collective Good

Barbra Kavanaugh, Brighter Strategies

Sergei Khadjiev, Goldin Group

Emma Kieran, Pilot Peak Consulting

Debbi Lindenberg, Cafritz Foundation

Stefanie Lomax, HR Pro 4 You

Payal Martin, Brighter Strategies

Daniel Mushala, Training Works

Fiona Oliphant, Healing Equity United

Barbara O’Reilly, Windmill Hill Consulting

Larry Robertson, Consultant

Mark Sachs, Mark Sachs & Associates

Will Schermerhorn, AtomStream Communications

Elizabeth Scott, Brighter Strategies

Alex Suchman, Brighter Strategies

Kathlyn Taylor Gaubatz, Consultant

Don Tebbe, Strategic Planning and Succession Planning Consultant

Gretchen Upholt, FMA

Rachel Werner, RBW Strategy

Meico Whitlock, Mindful Techie

Peter Wolk, National Center for Nonprofit Law

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