Last year, the Center was selected through a competitive process facilitated by the District Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) to establish and operate The Parks Main Street (formerly the South Dakota Avenue-Riggs Road Main Street). We have been providing customized capacity building, coaching and technical assistance to the community board of directors, executive director and businesses in Riggs Park and Manor Park successfully over the year.

We are now excited to announce the Center’s second grant award from DSLBD to establish and operate the Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street. The scope and goals of our efforts will include:

  • assisting business districts with the retention, expansion and attraction of neighborhood-serving retail stores; and
  • unifying and strengthening the commercial corridor

The Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street area will range from Georgia Avenue NW from Missouri Avenue to Eastern Avenue, including collaborating with The Parks development for the Fern Street to Aspen Street portion.

Utilizing the nonprofit and Main Street methodology that has worked across DC and the nation, we are recruiting a committed and diverse board of directors that is representative of the Shepherd Park, Takoma, Brightwood and Manor Park communities located along the Upper Georgia Avenue economic corridor.

The Main Street will be launched by a small founding board of three to five individuals, coming primarily from the neighborhood associations and community organizations that are already engaged on the Upper Georgia Avenue business corridor. At this time, we invite individuals and organizations to express interest in serving as representatives of the Upper Georgia Avenue Main Street founding board of directors. Following expressions of interest, we look forward to setting up a date and time for the initial kick off meeting on Upper Georgia Avenue.

Please share your interest along with a copy of your resume and/or bio with Glen O’Gilvie (and copy Ericka Best at by close of business on Friday, November 15, 2019.

As the Community Board develops and the Main Street is activated, there will be additional Board seats for neighbors and business owners, as well as committee positions.

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