Laurie Strongin

HOPE for Henry Foundation

“If you remain focused on your mission, work hard and efficiently, and do what you do better than anyone else, you will be successful.”

Tell us about your leadership style and how this contributes to your organization’s success.

I am a big thinker with high expectations and lots of energy. I engage all my staff in strategic planning so they have a sense of ownership over our goals and impact. I have regular staff meetings and one-on-ones to ensure that everyone knows what they need to to thrive individually and help us to achieve collective success. As I have brought on new staff this year, I continue to encourage them to imbue the program with their expertise and improve the way we do business. I make myself accessible but do not micromanage. Because I communicate a sense of trust and belief in their abilities, my team is unified and focused on our shared desire to make life better for the sickest kids in our community.

What advice would you offer for other nonprofit leaders? 

Success requires the ability to balance persistence and patience. Think big and focus on your goals but understand that things may not always happen on your timetable. If you remain focused on your mission, work hard and efficiently, and do what you do better than anyone else, you will be successful.

What does this award mean for you and your organization? 

In addition to being an honor to win the EXCEL award, it would provide Hope for Henry with the financial means to invest in professional development. Hope for Henry is transforming from a high-performing local organization to one expanding to meet the needs of our country’s sickest kids. This transformation requires new skills including the ability to scale the program and operations in a smart, strategic manner; understand the relationship between the national office and local programs; create a structure through which the organization can maintain its high quality standards; and develop a fundraising plan for sustainability. Our staff is taking on expanded roles and needs management training to thrive. As the Executive Director, I need training to ensure our success. The opportunities afforded through the EXCEL award will give us the opportunity to elevate our skills and achieve our ambitious goals.

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