Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA,

Phone: 443-202-2796

Email: Jessica Kohnen

Number of NonProfit Clients: All clients are nonprofits

Minority Owned: N/A

Woman Owned: Yes

Description of Member Discount: One hour of consultation by phone to assess needs and provide initial thoughts to support.


Hello. We’re hyve. We believe that when people feel connected, they go to work and do their best. In organizations with clear direction, intentional leadership, and a sense of belonging, people engage, contribute, and shine.

Without clear direction, goals, and accountability, organizations get stuck and people suffer. We support organizations to set clear strategic priorities, align annual goals, and build accountability.

Without clear priorities, intentional leadership, and a sense of belonging, people disengage and organizations suffer. We support people to strengthen management skills, build resilient teams, and energize staff.

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