Ibrahim Zia, Accountant

Since joining our team as the Accountant for the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in February 2023, Ibrahim has been an outstanding asset to our organization. In their role, they manage the financial and accounting responsibilities for the Center, ensuring that everything is accurate and compliant.

With over two years of experience in the field, Ibrahim is passionate about maintaining a high standard of financial integrity, streamlining processes and using data-driven insights to optimize business performance. They earned their Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Economics, which gave them a solid foundation for their career in the financial industry.

When they’re not working, Ibrahim likes to explore their interests in investing, economics, philosophy and theology. They’re consistently fascinated by emerging technologies which makes them naturally able to keep themselves in stride with the collective awareness of new developments and their potential impact on various industries. This quality better positions them to understand the benefits and risks associated with these technologies and how they might impact the financial landscape.

Their technical expertise, passion for financial development and commitment to staying up to date, Ibrahim makes a valuable contribution to the Center and its ongoing success. They’re proud and excited to be part of such a dedicated and dynamic team, and the Center is thrilled to have them on our team!