In partnership with Givhero, the Center’s new wellness program will motivate you to increase your activity level, improve your fitness and have fun doing it.

Sign up today!

All staff at Center member organizations are welcome to join.

  1. From your smartphone, visit the Challenge Sign-Up Smart Link:
  2. OR scan the QR code to the right using your smartphone camera.
  3. You will then be prompted to download Givhero’s free App.
  4. Download the App and sign up using your ORGANIZATION’S Email address and accept the VitalHealth Wellness Week challenge.
How do I log my activity for the day?

You DO NOT need a fitness tracker or wearable to participate. You can use your smartphone along with a free App such as Apple Health for iOS, Google Fit for Android, Strava, etc. If that doesn’t work, you can also input your Steps manually in the Givhero app by tapping on View Leaderboard on Givhero app dashboard and then tap on Log Activity.

Can I see my fellow colleagues’ progress? Can anyone see my progress?

Yes. In the Givhero app tap on Challenges and tap the VitalHealth Wellness Week challenge. You can even search for your colleagues by entering their name at the top of the leaderboard screen.

Reminder: You MUST tap on the Challenge Sign-Up Smart Link from your smartphone to join the challenge. When accessed from a smartphone/mobile phone, the Smart Link allows you to download the app, sign up and accept the challenge. When accessed from the desktop, the link will take you to the leaderboard, however, you will not be able to join the challenge this way.


For all technical questions throughout the challenge, please contact Givhero: email Givhero directly at or email from the Givhero app by tapping More >> Support at the bottom of your screen or visit our FAQ page