Focusing Online Content for Short Attention Spans

April 5, 2018 - 9:30am - 11:30am

Faculty: Will Schermerhorn, AtomStream Communications

Course Objective: Learn to make your online content quickly catch attention and show your impact.

Attention spans online are short and getting shorter. That means every sentence, every photo--and every second--count. This workshop shows how to hook online visitors quickly so you can show your organization's impact. It's not tech, design or strategy. It's about thinking. It’s about diving to the core of communication and organization impact. That core leads to a framework for action. Attendees will learn to show impact through text and photos. They'll answer three simple questions to define audience, context and impact. They will pump energy into limp sentences. They'll tune reading levels to boost engagement.  They'll learn marketing missteps to avoid. The workshop reveals how to gauge progress with web analytics. They’ll leave with a nonprofit impact mind map, an analytics one-pager and tips for writing for readability.

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