Congratulations to our EXCEL finalists

… and best of luck in the final phase! After completing site visits with all five nominees, the selection committee will determine three winners, and awards will be presented at the Annual Celebration on October 18, 2018.

Learn about our finalists, their leadership styles, thoughts on nonprofit success and what winning the EXCEL Award would mean to them and their organizations.


Edmund Glabus
As a veteran, I can sum up my leadership style as “leadership by example.” To me, this means don’t ask your team to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself, always model the behavior you’d like to see in others, and find out what the team really needs to be successful in their jobs.  >>>



Bethany Henderson
I believe in the wisdom of a well-known African proverb: “If you want to go far, go together.” My leadership style is shared leadership. To me, shared leadership means empowering all members of a team by giving each an opportunity to assume leadership and ownership over their area(s) of expertise.  >>>



Sarah Degnan Kambou
I work with a very talented team of researchers, advocates and operational experts. Everyone brings capabilities, experiences and competencies to the table. Through a participatory leadership style, I am able to acknowledge the caliber of staff working at ICRW, engage them as co-creators and leverage our human capital to the greatest extent possible.  >>>



Jo-Ann Wallace
It is incumbent upon us to model the way, which begins with how we treat each other and extends to our members and the clients and communities that they represent. These principles ground my leadership and are effectuated on a daily basis through listening, guiding, mentoring and encouraging creative and transformational activities.  >>>



Amy Yarcich
I am a proponent of situational leadership and believe strongly in the importance of being flexible enough to tailor my approach and communication style to what is the best fit for a particular person or challenge. I know my leadership style has positively evolved over my more than 20 years in the nonprofit world thanks to the experiences I’ve had.  >>>