Daniel Martinage

Years Experience: 32 years

Years Presenting:  4 Years

Organization: The Association Coach

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Daniel Martinage, CAE is Founder of Association Coach, LLC www.associationcoach.comHe has more than thirty-five years experience working with non-profits. What makes Dan unique is his hands-on experience as both staff and consultant. In addition to serving as Executive Director of three professional societies, Dan was Vice President of AWP Research where he headed-up the firm’s qualitative research programs including focus groups, key stakeholder interviews, and strategic planning.

A professionally-trained strategic planning facilitator and focus group moderator since 1986, Dan has conducted dozens of strategic planning facilitations, program evaluations and focus groups for large and small non-profit groups. He excels at asking probing questions that get at the root of research issues.

As a trained Executive Coach, he is skilled at helping groups reach consensus around key issues and strategies, and at providing ongoing assessment and monitoring that keeps groups on track toward accomplishing their strategic objectives. Currently, Dan serves on the Selection Committee for The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Non Profit Management and on the faculty at The Center for Non-profit Advancement.