The Top 10 Legal Pitfalls for Nonprofits

by Benjamin Takis, Founding Attorney, Tax-Exempt Solutions, PLLC

Running a nonprofit is not easy. In addition to constant fundraising challenges and the difficulty of meeting mission goals with limited resources, nonprofits must navigate a minefield of legal rules and restrictions. With these competing priorities, it is perhaps not surprising that legal considerations often are not taken seriously until it's too late.

Pop Quiz: Is Your Nonprofit Organization At Risk For Fraud?

by Jennifer Hrebik, Associate, Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Answer each statement YES or NO:

• My nonprofit organization has fewer than 100 employees or more than 1,000 employees
• Management and board members do not regularly review financial reports

Basic Budgeting for Nonprofits

by Scott Denlinger, CBIZ MHM, LLC

If the recent economic downturns have taught us anything, it’s that nonprofit organizations must be prudent with their financial resources.  Preparing annual budgets is crucial for maximizing an organization’s assets and keeping the organization financially prepared for economic uncertainties.  Come and learn some basic budgeting strategies to help improve your organization’s financial strength.

Why Salesforce is Killing It in the Nonprofit World

by Lisa Rau, CEO, Confluence

Haven’t heard of Salesforce?  It’s web-based software in what is known as the “Constituent Relationship Management” or CRM space. With $3.67 B in revenue in 2013 and more market share (16%) than any other CRM, few question Salesforce’s dominance in the commercial world.

But why should the nonprofit world care?

Treating Everybody the Same

By Keating Advisors, LLC

In order to have an organization where excellence is the performance standard, performance evaluations and compensation must differentiate the superstars from everybody else. Otherwise, there is no motivation to achieve high performance ratings. If this is an issue, and it is not addressed, then over time there are fewer superstars and more mediocre performers.

Generating Corporate Sponsorship

by Lewis Flax, Flax Associates

Stop approaching corporate sponsorships as one-off opportunities!

Event-Based Fundraising

by Alfreda Edwards, Principle, Edwards Development Services

Center Presents Film Screening and Panel Discussion

On October 2, more than 100 guests joined the Center for Nonprofit Advancement at Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) for a screening of the documentary Even Me, and a panel discussion about the film.

Project Management for Fundraising

by Julia Keleher, Owner, Keleher and Associates

Does your organization lack a centralized hub, a strategic drawing board? Do you have multiple staff chasing separate goals, but no way to grasp the “big picture” of your fundraising efforts?

Getting the Most Out of Your Consultants and Service Providers

by Benjamin Takis, Founding Attorney, Tax-Exempt Solutions, PLLC

There are few decisions more crucial for a nonprofit than the decision to hire a consultant, accountant, attorney or other service provider. Choosing the wrong service provider can waste precious time and money, and lead to mistakes that damage your organization’s reputation.

Planning your Gala with an Eye on Individual Major Donors

by Paul Jolly, President, Jump Start Growth, Inc.

Fund raisers at small organizations generally have trouble finding the time to build relationships with their most promising donors.  Often it is because they are busy organizing galas, awards dinners, or other events that raise roughly the same amount every year without creating stronger ties to donors.