A Catalyst for Change – Charge Up Collaborative Launches Website Connecting Nonprofits With Critical Operational Resources

Washington, D.C. (April 22, 2015) -- The Charge Up Collaborative announces the official launch of its website -- This resource is designed to help the Washington D.C. region’s nonprofit and philanthropic communities access high quality capacity building services tailored to specific organizational needs.

Center Staff visits DCTV

On April 14, the Membership Department and its Mexico 100 Interns visited long-time Center member DCTV, the district’s only television station devoted entirely to local programming created by and for D.C.’s communities. The membership team was welcomed by DCTV’s Community Outreach & Media Manager, Jo-Ann Enwezor, who led the team on a tour of DCTV’s facilities.

Is Your Board on Board?

by Rachel Werner, MPA, GPC, PMP, Owner and CEO, RBW Strategy, LLC

On Thursday, May 7, I will be conducting a training with my dear friend and colleague, Ayda Sanver at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, D.C. We’ll be discussing a topic that I know is near and dear to many – disengaged boards and miscommunication between nonprofit board and staff.

Center Engages Services of C.Fox Communications


The Center for Nonprofit Advancement is pleased to announce that it has engaged the services of C.Fox Communications, a local mission-driven strategic communications agency, to improve the effectiveness of the Center’s overall communications efforts. We believe in the role of communications as central to any strategic planning process, and we are thrilled to have the C.Fox Communications team on board as our partners—a move that doesn’t just benefit the Center, but that will ultimately benefit each of our members, as well. 

Center for Nonprofit Advancement Announces New VitalHealth Medical Plan for Members

Washington, D.C. (April 8, 2015) – The Center for Nonprofit Advancement has announced updates to their medical insurance plan, offered to members through the VitalHealth program. The Center will offer seven plans for Center members, with insurance coverage provided by CareFirst. 

Make your Board Leadership Award application shine

If you haven’t submitted your Board Leadership Award application, use this advice from selection committee member Andy Davis to make your application stand out from the pack. Davis is BoardSource’s Director of Training and has served on the Board Leadership Award selection committee for five years.

Selection Committee Member Lewis Flax Shares Thoughts on Board Leadership Award

Lewis Flax has served on the Selection Committee for the Board Leadership Award for three years. He is a faculty member at the Center, and is the founder of the firm Flax Associates. Flax took the time to shares his thoughts on the Board Leadership Award in this Q&A.

Nonprofit Board Responsibilities

By DeLeon & Stang CPAs and Advisors

Serving on a nonprofit board is an honor. It’s also a big responsibility, since it is the board’s job to govern and guide the organization. Promoting the organization’s mission, instituting best practices, and proactively managing risk can help ensure board effectiveness.

Mission and Purpose

Learn More About the Board Leadership Award from Selection Committee Member Larry Robertson

Larry Robertson was a board member of N Street Village when the organization won the first Board Leadership Award in 2011. He has served on the award's Selection Committee for the last four years, and in this Q&A, he shares his thoughts on the award and the process of choosing the winners.

Can you walk us through the committee’s process for reviewing nominations? 

The Top 10 Legal Pitfalls for Nonprofits

by Benjamin Takis, Founding Attorney, Tax-Exempt Solutions, PLLC

Running a nonprofit is not easy. In addition to constant fundraising challenges and the difficulty of meeting mission goals with limited resources, nonprofits must navigate a minefield of legal rules and restrictions. With these competing priorities, it is perhaps not surprising that legal considerations often are not taken seriously until it's too late.

Center's VitalHealth Alert

Employees Communicating Inaccurate Information to the Health Insurance Marketplace and/or IRS can Cost Organizations a Penalty.

By Karen Brown, Director, VitalHealth

Center Partner Can Help Nonprofits Save on Energy Costs

By Nextility

Organizations' energy costs can be their biggest monthly expense after payroll and rent. Yet many don’t realize that they could significantly reduce the cost by selecting a new energy supplier with better pricing. Performing this due diligence can save your nonprofit thousands of dollars that could be better spent on fulfilling your mission.

Center Programs Can Help Nonprofits Attract Top Employees

In the January/February issue of ASAE’s Associations Now Greater Washington, Stacy Whitehorne’s article “How to Lure Top Talent” discusses the challenges nonprofits in the Washington, DC area face in attracting top-notch employees. Three main factors make the area a tough one for recruiting new employees:

Collaboration Readiness Indicators

By McCormick Group

Top 15 indicators that your nonprofit organization should be looking at finding a partner, collaborating or merging: