Join the Center

The Center's nearly 1,000 member nonprofits save money, build effectiveness and make connections.

Membership is open to any 501(c) nonprofit organization in the Greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, including the District of Columbia, Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland.

Joining the Center is simple! What you'll need:

  • Completed Center membership application
  • Your dues payment
  • A copy of the first page from your most recent Form 990. If no form is required by law, please include a copy of your most recent income statement.

Submit your application materials to: Center for Nonprofit Advancement, P.O. Box 62583, Baltimore, MD 21264-2583.

Please note that membership with the Center is not an automatic membership with the VitalHealth Program or other Center member benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I am starting a nonprofit organization. Can I join the Center?
    • Organizations that have submitted their Form 1023 to the IRS, may apply to join the Center. You must include a copy of your Form 1023 tax filing with your application. Please note that legal status for enrollment in specific Center benefits may vary.
  • How much are membership dues?
    • Center membership dues are based on your organization's annual expenses (as indicated on the "total expenses" line of your most recent Form 990 or most recent income statement for those organizations who are not required by law to submit a Form 990).
    • Expenses: Annual Dues:
      $24,999 and below $150
      $25,000–$49,999  $200
      $50,000–$99,999  $300
      $100,000–$199,999  $400
      $200,000–$399,999 $550
      $400,000–$699,999  $700
      $700,000–$999,999  $850
      $1,000,000–$1,999,999 $1,000
      $2,000,000–$3,999,999  $1,150
      $4,000,000–$5,999,999  $1,450
      $6,000,000–$9,999,999  $1,600
      $10 million and above  $1,750
  • Can my for-profit company join the Center?
    • In addition to organizational, nonprofit memberships, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement provides the business community with unique benefits to suit the needs of Consultants, businesses and other professionals that serve nonprofits. Learn more about making a charitable investment through our Partners in Advancement program.