Special Series

Leadership Exchange

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s Leadership Exchange gives leaders a rare opportunity to turn their focus inward. The series provides a safe space for our most accomplished leaders to share experiences that spark continued growth and help to address every day challenges. In addition to core content delivered by leadership expert Michela Perrone, participants will exchange uncensored insights from their personal evolution and strategies for success with boards, staff and funders.

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Next Level Communications

In this dynamic and interactive four-part series, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement has assembled a team of seasoned experts to assist nonprofit executives to galvanize their skill sets as communicators, forge powerful new strategies as spokespeople and capture the attention of key constituents. 

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Project LEAP

Project LEAP (Leaders Emerging through Ability and Potential) is an opportunity for individuals with three or more years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector to strengthen their leadership skills. Participants engage in individual and group activities to assess and examine their leadership abilities. Classes include critical thinking and problem solving activities.

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